Lourdes, 9 and Rocco, 5 do some halloween shopping with Carlos Leon, Lola’s dad.  Lourdes looks just like Madonna.


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  1. valoree

    why doesn’t Madonna get that girls eyebrow fixed? i know she’s heard of and uses plenty of wax herself, i just don’t get why she lets her little girl walk around with that fuzzy thing all over her forehead.
    and the dad looks like Borat which is kinda funny.

  2. Haylie Lynn

    I think she is probably not allowing her to get her eyebrows shaped because Lourdes is to young. Plus, I think she has very nice, arched shape. When she gets older what she choses to do is up to her and her father looks like a normal guy. I think she really looks like her mother though, except she has her father’s dark complection, but is a bit lighter.

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