Tori Spelling Adjusts to Being Pregnant


Tori Spelling revealed that she is finally starting to adjust to being pregnant, 5 months into it.  She talks to "Extra" on the set of Smallville in Vancouver, Canada about finding out the baby’s sex.

"I’m a little tired, but feeling good. The first three months I had every textbook symptom, but now I’m starting to adjust," she said.

Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott also do not yet know if they are having a boy or girl.

"We do want to know, as soon as I get back from (Vancouver, British Columbia) we have our ultrasound," Spelling revealed.

"If it’s a boy, we’re making his middle name Aaron. If it’s a girl her middle name will be my husband’s mother, who passed away," she added.

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  1. Lisa

    She is glowing…I wish I glowed when I was pregnant too!

  2. Tori is radiant pregnant! I wish I had glowed during my pregnancies. I am happy for her and her new husband and can’t wait to see what Baby Spelling looks like.

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