Denise Richards Fights Back


Actress Denise Richards will not face criminal charges over her recent laptop over the balcony incident.

In a recent statement to PEOPLE, Richards who injured two elderly ladies says," she is sorry"

"I am not justifying my behavior. It was wrong," Richards tells Access Hollywood in an exclusive interview airing Monday. "I saw one of the photographers, went up to him and offered to give him a few nice shots and asked him to please leave so we can focus on our scene. He wouldn’t and he got really belligerent and he was saying vulgar, nasty things to me and made a derogatory remark about my family. I just did what I did and I feel terrible."

Denise Richards was shooting scenes for her new movie ‘Blonde and Blonder’ at the River Rock Casino, in Vancouver, Canada, when she got into a tussle with a photographer.  The furious ‘Wild Things’ actress – who is still to finalize her divorce from Charlie Sheen – allegedly grabbed hold of the snapper’s computer and threw it over the balcony, hitting a wheelchair-bound 80-year-old and her friend, who were innocently waiting in the lobby.

"There was a younger movie-type person sitting beside her assuring the people looking around that she’s going to be OK. "The casino people looked as stressed as the movie folk." A police spokesman confirmed the incident, saying: "A laptop struck an 80-year-old woman in a wheelchair. It struck her in the arm. "She was not interested in pursuing criminal charges and suffered only minor injuries. "Richards and her co-star, ‘Baywatch’ star Pamela Anderson, were both interviewed by local police regarding the episode.

"Over the balcony it went," Denise Richards tells Access Hollywood. "It was a big mistake on my part … I’m not volatile at all. I’m not aggressive. I’ve never been with the paparazzi. I feel bad that I ended up doing that."

On Friday, Canadian police said Richards won’t face charges in the incident.

"The photographers, Denise Richards and her management company have agreed to settle the matter civilly regarding the damages to the photographers’ laptops," Cpl. Peter Thiessen, a media-relations officer for the Richmond Royal Canadian Mounted Police, said in a statement. "It is not in the public interest to forward criminal charges regarding this matter."


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