RUMOR: Jennifer Garner’s Baby Bump




Jennifer Garner and Violet are at LAX.  Jennifer seems to have a belly in the first picture…what do you think?

Barefoot Violet wears Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Hooded Jacket $52

Source Matrix Photos

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  • Amanda

    Now that I see that this has been posted in november, we all must know the truth by now because it has been 4-5 months now. Now more rumors are out now but we shall see. She obviously was telling the truth in Elle magazine.

  • Amanda

    Well, it seems to me it’s just her muscles. She has always had that toned kind of stomach. If she says she’s not then believe her she is not one to lie. Even though it has been almost two years, she was so fit before that its going to be really hard to get back to that perfect body.

  • I agree – looks like her abdomen is just flexed. But the search for the celebrity baby bump must go on!

  • Violet’s Auntie

    Any mother who has ever carried an 18 lb. baby knows that your posture changes and your abdomen sticks out when you carry your child.

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