Matthew Broderick didn’t want kids

Broderick_paccstnews_1Most husbands are excited when their wife tells them they are pregnant, not actor Matthew Broderick.  When his wife Sarah Jessica Parker broke the news he admits he wasn’t happy about it, but nine months later his mind quickly changed. 

Matthew, 44 and Sarah Jessica Parker married in 1997 and had James Wilke in Oct. 2002.

Broderick says he had doubts about being a father right up until James was born.

He says, "I feel truly blessed and incredibly happy to have my son. You always wonder if it’s a good idea to have a baby. I know I wasn’t sure I wanted one. But I’m shocked at how much I like having him around.

"Some chemical squirts into your brain and tells you it’s all worth it. You just become overcome with this strange instinct to protect this child."


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