Gwen Stefani to retire in 5 years?

SplashnewsgwenGwen Stefani is one busy mom!  She recently released her second solo album ‘The Sweet Escape’ and has other ventures going on as well.

Stefani, who is married to Gavin Rossdale, recently admitted she never intended to release another solo record because her only ambition after the success of 2004’s ‘Love Angel Music  Baby’ was to have a baby.

Well she did just that, her son Kingston is now 7-months old. Stefani explains: "I never intended to do another solo record. It’s, like, kind of embarrassing talking about it. But I had a couple of amazing leftover tracks from the last one. but I really wanted to have a baby. Now I have both. I’m just going with the flow.”

In recent interviews Gwen, 37 has hinted that she may walk away from her music career in five years:

"In five years Kingston will be in school, and in five years I’ll be in my 40s. So I’m doing what I can now. If we were at home I’d be playing with him."

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