Is Larry Birkhead Dannielynn’s Daddy?


Posted on the father in questions website, damn it could be his baby–


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  • Claudia Sschennfield


    And take care your baby and please
    take away your child from paparazzi
    Be a good father and give a normal life
    to your baby.

  • annie

    you needs to be so hard up for what u said ………you know who i am talking about u cazy? U WOULD NEVER BEE THE NEXT ANNA NICOLE SMITH U CRAZY BITCH…..LOVE ANNIE LOL

  • Tisha L.

    Ouch!!!! People please, yeah sure it was a major media frenzy and every one and their dog wanted a piece of the pie. but it in the end it was about a man that wanted to find out the truth about his daughter and finally be reunited with her. The way it should be. Good for You Larry, I am glad the truth finally came out and the DNA tests proved what you had known all along. And as for the rest of you nasties out there, like thumpers momma used to say if you aint got nothing nice to say, dont say nothing at all. Help that Child to grow up real good and when she is older, tell her all about her mom. The good stuff and the bad. Maybe she will not be doomed to repeat any of her mothers mistakes. Love and Guidance is all she needs.

  • amy

    i still think anna’s wishes should be here with dannielynn! howard was there for the birth and for the first part of dannielynn’s life, needless to say been there for quite some time with anna, is the father listed on the birth certificate etc etc etc anna’s wishes have gone down the drain! theres GOT TO BE A REASON as to why anna didnt want larry to have a thing to do with this baby!! anyone forget about that? its all about the money larry! its all about the money! nothing more, nothing less! he only fought for this baby due to the inherit of the money AND due to who the mother is! otherwise he’d still be a wannabe out there! nothing more nothing less!!!!!

  • Kandie Pitman

    I a so happy for you Larry and Dannie Becaues she is now with the man that should have her. She is in the loving arms of a man that will be their for her no matter what gose on in the furture. I think that some day I will find a guy that loves me for me and will be a good father for my kids just like you are. Larry I like you a lot for that. Iwish that I could help you with Dannie Lynn Hope Birkhead. Your Friend Kandie Pitman of Frankfort IN,

  • larry hater

    your a loser larry the baby is way better off with howard stern on the birth certificate HE IS THE FATHER NOT YOU SHE PROBLY DID THAT FOR A REASON YOU DAMN LOSER i hope she gets taken away from you you POS gold digger hell you dont even have a job what are you going to to mooch off of people for money or pawn her off with your family your the worste father figure ever at least howard didnt charge her for his lawyer services and he loved her. shes better off with him!

  • Cynthia Modlin

    Congratulations! I think you will be a great father.

  • Victoria

    HI Larry!
    I just wanted to let oyu know I was with you 100%. Mymom and I even had a bet on who was the father. I always stuck with you, and I hope you always stick with Dannielynn.
    Love and Pray

  • Dora

    Im really happy you are her father. I really hope you take care of that little angel is your most precious gift!! Give that baby all the love she needs..

  • Jackie


    Congrats on the official recognition of you as Dannielynn’s father. I knew she looked like you fom the beginning. What happened to Daniel and Anna is just so sad. I hope you will keep the good memories of Dannie’s mother and brother alive for her. You seem like a pretty good guy and I wish you both the best!

  • Renee

    CONGRATS, I knew you were the father! I hope that you get your baby girl back & allow her to visit Howard, but don’t leave her alone w/him. He cannot be trusted!!

  • Lynnette

    Congratulations Mr. Birkhead, I hope you read these comments. I knew you were her Dad, her BIOLOGICAL Father, and that DNA would prove it. God bless you and your precious angel, may your bonding be swift, and smooth!

    To all you naysayers … zip your lips. The truth ALWAYS comes out. Mark my words, if Larry Birkhead does not get his daughter out of Howard K. Stern’s care RIGHT now, she will die within 48 hours. Anything that HKS gives to Mr. Birkhead, formula, baby food, toys, etc. should be disposed of in case he laced them with drugs, after all he has access to more drugs than a pharmacist. RUN Larry, get your girl and get home to California where you both belong.

  • Mel

    Larry!!!!! Take care of that precious baby girl who needs you so much. I hope that you will let her know how wonderful her mother was and find a way for her to feel close to her. Raise her the best you can and not according to what others say. Give her all the love she needs and know that there are people out there praying for you both. May God’s face shine upon you both always!

  • Jack Spratt


  • Jack Spratt

    Is anyone surprised that all the most ruthless scumbag lawyers would descend like locusts on Larry Birkhead and try to bully him out of his probable parentage and, possibly, his “baby momma’s” (shudder) fortune?

    Lawyers so in love with themselves that nobody else matters?


  • stephany ballardo

    congratulations. i knew you were the father. good luck..stephany ballardo

  • Natalie

    Congratulations!!I am happy to hear you are the father

  • larry i think that you were sleeoping with your lawyer and also you are out for the money , i think dannilynn should stay in the bahamas with the nanny not in the state and howard is not kidnapping the baby. she already went through a tuf time and now she will never be able to meet her mom no woman will be like her mom. if you are the father and you get her i hope when she is 18 she gets to see what a BIG ASS you made of your self when you said howard killed her mom and he didnt she took to much pills at once.i mean she gets to look back at the media covarge of all of it. she will only know her mom by pictures and what is on the net and t.v. … I think your a GOLD DIGGER too



  • dear larry,
    you are dannielynn’s father and you saw your baby for the first time and i have alot to give to you as my roll model you keep fight
    for what you go for your daughter we hope you and dannielynn have a great year man believe in your daughter and your family and believe in your wishes and anna’s wishes.
    your 1# fan bianca meade

  • Nicole

    I said from day one that Larry was Anna Nicole’s babies dad!!! She looks so much like him. I think the baby only has a great chance of being someone with Larry. She will be sane!!!
    Good luck to Larry! May you never give up hope.

  • tracey baker

    Larry when Dannilyn spit up on you I hope you got that DNA. I’m thinking you did tell the world the test would have be done in the states so your gag order is not in effect.
    TRacey Baker

  • tracey baker

    Keep fighing we all know that your baby she looks like you. HKS is worried about his cas cow. She should have someone like you in her life. HKS stop the inquest for Daniel, but he loved Anna shouldn’t he loved her son and want to know what happened.Why would he laugh and give the (mother) of his kid drugs. Scumbag . I pray yor the dad.
    Tracey Baker


    You are an idiot for getting rid of the best attorney in this whole circus, you are weak and cowardly it seems. Were you afraid of her strength? You cant see the forest for the trees. You dont need $tern or Rale etc. You pnly need a damn good attorney like Debra. I am upset! I use to be on your side.

  • mary

    Larry, get a pic from the media scan and print and then go to the us embassy and register her as a US ciizen naming you as her father, no documents required. Then see where Scumbag stern will be !!!

  • Corinne

    Dear Mr. Birkhead:

    This letter is for you only Mr. Birkhead. Did Anna Nicole and Daniel legally
    denounce their American citizenship? If not why can’t they both be buried
    together here in the states and hopefully close to Marilyn Monroe as, I
    understood, were her wishes? And with Danielynn here in the states there
    will be no problem for her to visit her mother and brothers resting place at
    any time.

    It seems obvious to me that Howard K. Stern is not Danielynn’s father since
    he whisked Anna Nicole and Daniel off to the Bahamas for Anna Nicoles pregnancy and will not
    be forthcoming for paternity tests. It seemed like a premeditated scheme to
    have exclusive control of Danielynn and her fortune. I can’t help but
    wonder if Daniel and perhaps lucid moments of Anna Nicole were getting in
    the way. The use of Anna Nicole, since Mr. Marshal’s will court processes,
    are vile. It seems like she was always in slow motion and sluring her words.
    She was dressed to be presented to the media in the most suggestive way and
    to over emote sexuality. What kind of man would enable or encourage this?
    There was no love there. I feel like the situation could be much darker than
    anyone suspects. I do believe she was brain washed, told what to think, who
    to dislike and isolated from those who would help her, told how to act and
    certainly drugs made her even more malleable. The reality show apparently
    produced by Stern was crude and debasing to Anna Nicole. I wonder what
    Howard Sterns business, Hot Smoochie Lips, Inc., was prior to attaching
    himself to Anna Nicole?

    I suppose the death of Daniel and Anna Nicole can never be proven as
    suicides or otherwise. I only hope that you get the baby as her biological
    Dad and Mr. Stern can find someone else to parasitize. I am very sorry for
    your loss. I loved to see the clips of Anna Nicole with her daughter. Even
    though she grieved for Daniel she lit up with Danielynn and although one
    light in her life was extinguished another gave her reason to carry on. Anna
    Nicole was a very beautiful woman. There was much living and growing ahead
    of her if her life had not been cut short and she will be missed. Please don’t be intimidated or dissuaded from the fight for Danielynn. Don’t believe anything but the DNA. Don’t be tricked by evil in sheeps clothing. This baby needs you.
    My very best to you in your time of loss.



  • Anne from Oregon

    Larry, darlin’, Why go through the hassle of waiting for the baby’s DNA to come to you? When people dispose of their garbage, it becomes public domaine. Why not go dumpster diving through Howard’s garbage can for a disposed-of bottle, pacifier, hair from the baby’s hairbrush, or even a diaper, and have it tested? You could have a someone of authority (even a notary?) witness the garnering of the DNA sample, just to dot the i’s and cross the t’s… ya know? When the DNA matches and proves Larry is the birth father, though it may not be compelling enough evidence to designate that DNA test as legal and binding, wouldn’t pretty much any judge be prompted to issue a bench warrant demanding the formal collection of the child’s DNA?

  • kim

    Larry, I am 34 years old; I’m hot, and I would raise the beautiful baby with you! Everyone should be grateful that you are being responsible!

    Howard Stern fed Anna Nicole drugs and should have stop her from taking them. Unfortunately, Stern knows the legal system. You have my email!

  • K.M.

    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there, I do not sleep.
    I am in a thousand winds that blow,
    I am the softly falling snow.
    I am the gentle showers of rain,
    I am the fields of ripening grain.
    I am in the morning hush,
    I am in the graceful rush
    Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
    I am the starshine of the night.
    I am in the flowers that bloom,
    I am in a quiet room.
    I am in the birds that sing,
    I am in each lovely thing.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there. I do not die.

    (Mary Frye)

  • K.M.

    I’d like the memory of me
    to be a happy one.
    I’d like to leave an after glow
    of smiles when life is done.
    I’d like to leave an echo
    whispering softly
    down the ways,
    of happy times
    and laughing times
    and bright and
    sunny days.
    I’d like the tears of those who
    grieve, to dry before the sun
    of happy memories that I leave
    When life is done.

  • M

    I do think Larry is the father. Everything seems to point to it.

  • sandra bianchi

    I want Larry Birkhead to know how many people are supporting him. Is there an email address for him

  • kathy

    WE’ll Larry if your feel you are the dad you need to push it all the way. This baby desearves to be raised, loved and nutured by her real father. Yourre the only one that seems to have some stability in your life and that is what the child needs. I would say the need for drugs was talking through Anna Nicole. I think it strange that her son died and now her. I think I would get that baby out of howard k clutches as soon as possible. No telling what he might do next… I wish you all the best

  • Susan

    At 1st I was on your side, but your interviews 3 days after Daniel’s death left me wondering if you were sincere. (your bashing of Anna Nicole was very cruel). Then last week the interview with your attorney & you on Larry King slinging dirt at Anna was ABSURB!! Your attorney’s comments last nite on Larry King just proved that you are out for the money bud! Her comment “that poor woman” was a joke & that you were unconsolable, LOL…yea I bet you were because now you can’t bash anna anymore & public opinion is NOT on your side anymore! In my opinion you are a nothing but a good digger & want all the publicity you can get!! If you honestly loved Anna you would not have never put everything on national tv. I SINCERELY hope & pray that YOU & YOUR JOKE OF AN ATTORNEY LOSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

  • sat

    I want Larry Birkhead to know how many people are supporting him. Is there an email address for him

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