David Caruso, Liza, & Marquez 12/27/06




David Caruso shopping in Miami Beach 12/27/06 with his 1-year old son Marquez Anthony, and his girlfriend, Liza Marquez.

Thanks Natasja!

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  1. Jessica

    David I love You!! you are REAL MAN! 🙂
    BIG KISS……….

  2. Ada Maria

    David your looks are so rugged..I’m madly in love with you..I’m a sixty year old lady but you make me feel young again..I wish I were younger and spend a weekend with you..you know how to still look sexy even if you are pushing fifty one..and making babies..I like the way you act in csi miami when you stand with both your hands on your hips..you look very masculine, virile..I wish I were younger I would be going to miami to meet you..from australia I’m sending you a big kiss…

  3. dana caine

    i totolly agrea with what vezzi put that would be so cool to meet david caruso please e-mail me at this address danacanine@hotmail.co.uk from dana

  4. markyta

    i am i for one hate david for what he did to liza and if anyone meets liza get some information for me so i can help her my e mail si sassyraven19@yahoo.com and if you ever meet david tell hi i said he sucks. thank you

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