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ToriTori Spelling recently talked to AOL about her latest guest starring role on Smallville, her plans to change the bed and breakfast industry and how her pregnancy is coming along. Here is an exerpt from the interview:

You mentioned your pregnancy earlier. Do you want a big family? I read that your husband said he wanted a whole hockey team.
Yeah, that’s easy to say before you go through a pregnancy for the first time. And then you get there and it’s like, "Hmm … one healthy one would be nice." But we definitely want more. I don’t know how many. I guess that’s not up to us. If we’re blessed with more, that would be great. But we’re just trying to get through the first one now. It’s a pretty surreal experience just watching your stomach grow every day and knowing that there’s a living being that you created inside of you.

Are you going to take time off from work?
I do better when I’m working, when I have a lot of things on my plate. I’ve just always been kind of a workhorse. So I don’t forsee myself taking too much time off.

How has being pregnant changed you?
Well, I have to watch where I walk because I can’t fit through doors and stuff. (Laughs) You forget because, you know, I’ll get up from a table at a restaurant — and restaurants are always so packed with tables and chairs and people — and I’ll think I can walk behind people like I used to. And it’s, "Ooops, sorry. Belly in the way." That happens a lot now.

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