Eric Mabius with his wife & son Max


Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty) with his wife Ivy, and son Maxfield 7-months, Jan. 13.

*Source-Us Weekly Feb. 5, 2007

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  • Laydee Phoenix

    I think the wife of Eric Mabius, Ivy Mabius is NOT attactive at all, or this is just a really bad picture of her. She looks like one of the vampires off of the televison series Buffy. Her hair looks matted and uncombed. LOL Yes he might love her, and has been with her since high school, but honey love is not enough sometimes. She needs to fix her self up if she wants him to stay by herside.

  • jenna jones

    Ivy Mabius cannot dress. She is a safe bet for him, maybe that is the attraction for him. She is so old fashioned. Fine, you don’t have to wear the latest stuff, like Posh Spice, but no need to be frumpy at 36 years old. She should stop going to the premieres with him if she can’t look the part, or maybe she needs to keep an eye on him

  • Caitlin

    Wow, what brats you both are. I hope your shallow asses wind up with men who leave you at every turn, as opposed to someone like Eric who is able to see past physical “flaws” that, frankly, aren’t really flaws at all.

  • caroline mcgrath

    caitlin, get a sense of humor for goodness sake. chill out and don’t take yourself so seriously

  • Caitlin

    I’ll have a sense of humor when you’re funny. I like laughing at people, even people I like. But if that was a joke, you’ve just gotten even more pathetic.

  • Linda

    :O I agree with Caitalin .. what are you guys talking about? you can’t even see her outfit exept her sweater,and thats just a little bit. And whats wrong with her face? :S ..She looks good.

  • CONGRATS. Eric and Ivy. Max your going to be a big brother Ye. I hope for a healthy and happy child again. I will pray for your family. I believe in prayers. Your family looks so happy and precious. Keep up with your sweet family. Your Ugly Betty fan. Love, Jean

  • amanda

    Caitlin, take a chill pill. you are wound up so tight! this is what happens when someone is in the public eye. people will have negative opinions.

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