Movie Review: “Eight Below”

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This review is on Disney’s movie "Eight Below." This is wonderful movie about determination and survival.  The guide Jerry (Paul Walker) has 8 sled dogs. Jerry ends up having to leave them for months in Antarctica.  Read my review in the extended post.

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Primarily, the dogs are left with no shelter, no food, and no humans. There are scenes of the dogs eating other animals, being attacked by a nasty leopard seal, and some dogs even die. However, there are scenes of the dogs working as sled dogs, and working as a pack to survive. Jerry, the guide, is a very loving character. The supporting cast is very kind, too. Through all the peril, it does have a happy ending. I would recommend for children over 8 yrs. old. It would be best watched with an parent/adult- the movie is rated PG. I give the movie a B. The dogs are really cute.. they get an A+

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