Movie Review “Over The Hedge”

Over_the_hedgeFrom the creators of Shrek and Madagascar comes "Over the Hedge." RJ (played by Bruce Willis) attempted to steal food from a hibernating bear, loses all the bears food and the bear wants it back! RJ cons all the forest animals to steal human food to replenish the bears supply. Only the forest animals don’t know RJ is using them. In the end, the forest animals are captured by an exterminator and RJ rescues them.  Read my review in the extended post.


Some of the all-star cast:

  • RJ (raccoon) Bruce Willis
  • Hammie (squirell) Steve Carell
  • Vincent  (bear) Nick Nolte
  • Stella (skunk) Wanda Sykes
  • Gladys (human) Alison Janney
  • Verne (turtle) Gary Shandling
  • Lou (Hedgehog) Eugene Levy
  • Heather (opossum) Avril Lavigne

The movie was cute, but not of the caliber of Shrek. In addition, the soundtrack wasn’t very good. The movie is long with it’s point, but the animation is well done. The characters are likable, but the writing wasn’t there. The movie does teach a good lesson about how to treat your family members. Overall, I would give this movie a B-.

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