Movie Review “The Shaggy Dog”

ShaggydogComedic actor Tim Allen (Home Improvement) does a great job playing an attorney who is prosecuting an animal-rights activist for a fire set at an animal testing lab. The main canine star is a 300-year-old meditating Tibetan dog that was kidnapped from his Himalayan home by the lab for DNA testing. Allen gets bit by the Tibetan dog, and then transforms into "The Shaggy Dog."  Read my review in the extended post.

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The movie is an entertaining family film.  Tim Allen is funniest when he is exhibiting canine traits- scratching frantically behind one ear, sticking his head out the window while driving, chasing his bathrobe belt as if it were a tail, sniffing with his nose all the smells and growling in court.  While transformed into Shaggy, Allen get’s a better understanding of how important it is not to be a workaholic and spend time with his family. The movie has a great cast: Kristin Davis, Zena Grey, Spencer Breslin, Robert Downey Jr., Danny Glover and Jane Curtin.  The movie is rated PG.  Young children will not understand the messages of the movie, but will like the Shaggy parts. This movie is best suited for older children. I give the movie a B-

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