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Whats_kickin_ble_ls_2 2 chix, was founded by Natasha Koudsi and Amy Bright, who happen to have a great sense of style, wit, and humor. Their "haute" designs have paved the way for others in the growing trendy maternity market. 2 chix tees are made of 100% pre-washed, vintage-style cotton, which makes them soft and sexy.

Here is a sampling of their "haute mama" t-shirts  "knocked up", "preggo fabulous ", "babyfat", "let the love grow"

Check out these celebrity moms who have worn 2 Chix: Elisabeth Hasselbeck wore the "What’s Kickin’" t-shirt on the show The View last year. Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Brooke Shields, Melissa Joan Hart and Rosa Blasi-Finn are also fans of 2 ChixJaime Pressley will wear their "knocked up" tee on My Name is Earl April 5th.

There is a new daddy line "daddy by 2 chix" which pokes fun from the dad’s point of view. These daddy tees make a great gift for the dad-to-be, and if you are looking for a creative way announce your pregnancy to your husband or partner, try  a "he shoots, he scores" t-shirt


40_week_skirt_3 2 chix, has just announced a new product launch, the “40 Week Skirt." Scheduled for worldwide launch in April 2007, the 40 Week Skirt is a unique maternity product that is designed to fit a woman’s changing body throughout the entire duration of her pregnancy while maintaining comfort, support and style.

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