Movie Review “Flushed Away”

Fa_2 Flushed Away is a joint venture between Aardman Features and DreamWorks Animation. The tale of one pampered pet Roddy St. James (Hugh Jackman) finding his way to get back home after being flushed down the toilet to the sewers of London. Along the way, he meets the fiesty rat Rita (Kate Winslet). Roddy makes a deal with Rita, the owner of a boat, if she can get him home he’ll reward her with jewels.  More in the extended post.

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This PG rated family film is a wonderful, witty and inventive adventure. The characters are unique, bold, and very likable. The sewer’s of London are filled with all types of unique objects and creative ways to use them! The story line is easy to follow. This film is appropriate for kids of all ages. It even has a good soundtrack!  I give this entertaining family film a B+.    

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More on the plotline, and cast  Here

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