Who’s the cutest Hollywood baby?



This is a tough one, they are all so cute, and in different ways. I think Kingston is a cutie, he seems to have personality too! Shiloh is beautiful, almost doll like, and pictures of her are pretty rare. What do you think?


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  1. DropThePilot

    I totally agree with the author – Kingston James IS the cutest baby boy! He’s my absolute favorite celebrity kid & I like that he’s got a personality. He’s gotta be a really interesting man when he grows up. One more vote for Kingston, please!:)

  2. annie

    hmm.. i’ve always been a fan of violet affleck, but there are new pictures of Shiloh, so i don’t know. It’s a tie.

  3. zina

    no Heaven rain charvet is the cutest baby in the world! 500 %!
    congratulations David charvet and Brooke burke

  4. Emma Abba

    I think that Shiloh, Suri, and Violet are tied for 1st place in cutest baby girls. Barron and Sean are tied for 1st place for baby boys.
    They are all adorable!!

  5. naychurenut

    I think Violet is the cutest baby! Love her dimples.

  6. angelina

    i think violet affleck is cutest girl and mason wilkerson is definately the cutest boy.

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