Bridget Moynahan’s baby bump


Pregnant Bridget Moynahan smiles as she shows off her growing belly while out for a walk in Santa Monica, Ca. The actress is expecting her first child by former boyfriend Tom Brady. The baby is due in late summer of 2007.

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  • Olivia

    If you men and women would spend more time focused on your own lives, rather then celebrity GOSSIP and passing judgement (on people/their lives, which you know NOTHING about) perhaps you could make your life something you love and QUIT spewing your negative words/judgement all over the internet.

  • Ellen

    So Lui, you were there when Bridget “trapped” Tom???? WOW .. please share your knowledge with the rest of us…

    News flash to Ally … most pregnant woman rub their tummies. God knows the father to be isn’t around to feel the little kicks of his unborn child. Being Tom Brady’s baby mama is much better than you’ll ever be!!!

  • Maryann

    Birdget Moynahan was, no im sorry, IS a respectable and classy actress long before Tom Brady. She is beautiful and I am due around the time she is. Im sorry to you women who Im sure have never been pregnant, that we like to put our hand on our stomach. It is a protective manner, it is comfortable, and it is truly exhilirating to feel a baby move inside of you. So please, enough with this dumb stuff you are talking, like you know!

  • Mindy

    I think all these women are just jealous! She is beatiful and looks very happy!!!!

  • Ally

    Why does she needs to put her hand (ugly hand, BTW) on her belly everytime she’s photographed? We know you are pregnant, honey. That’s how you are going to be remembered – as Tom Brady’s baby mama.

  • Lui

    Ugg! Who was she before this baby? She was Tom Brady’s girlfriend, now she is Tom Brady’s babies Mommy. God, she is so gross in how she tired to trap Tom and now using her baby to get attention!

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