Larry Birkhead with his daughter

Larry Larryokdanni

**Thanks to reader Jenny who found this Video News Clip


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  • Martha Julie

    I am sure Larry is going to be great father,and I believe strongly he is not going after money,because he also stated in the court about his income, not like Anna’s companion Howard Stern. And Larry already prooved before Anna’s death he wanted find leagally if he is Daniellyn father, because he loved Anna.
    And I am very happy for Larry.

  • Jenny

    These pictures are adorable… this video clip shows quite a few more!

  • Emma Abba

    Larry is going to be such a good dad. They have the same piercing blue eyes! She is so cute. I am so happy for them!!

  • Mrs Hatake

    I am glad Larry is the father, its hard to say whether he is after her money or not, and we will never know, but… I tend to think his love for her is sincere. He wanted to be in this baby girls life even before Anna passed away. I think that proves he is genuine & has wanted this baby from the start.

  • Amaya Lynn

    I am sorry i really hope i am so wrong but , I think larry is using danielyn for the money and the story that comes along with the baby . I mean here he is with his baby , why NOT ” BE WITH HIS BABY ” taken pics and getting money for them is not being a good father or a loving oneand it sure does not make him look any better selling pics of his baby .. i just think if he loved this baby he would have a life with this baby and not let the world see it .. he is looking for his 15 minS , AND IS USING THIS BABY !!! this is a joke! anna must be rolling in her grave ! she didn’t want him in this baby life the pic with him and the baby looks creepy ew.. as a mother i feel for that baby and i really hope she has a good life ….

  • Summer

    I’m so happy that little baby Dannilynn can now be with her father. I’m glad that Larry Birkhead is the father, he seems to love her so much. I hope that he will get to have sole custody of his daughter.

  • brass

    I hope he is genuine in his love for dannielynn. i hope this is not a search for 15 min. of fame & millions of dollars.

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