Alec Baldwin berates daughter Ireland


The bad blood between exes Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger re-surfaced Thursday when an angry phone message from Baldwin to his daughter Ireland, 11, was made public. On the recording, Baldwin can be heard berating his 11-year-old, Ireland, “You are a rude, thoughtless little pig.” has the message click HERE to hear it

or read snippets of what Baldwin says in the extended post.

“You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being,” he says, apparently upset that she did not answer her phone for a planned call.

“I don’t give a damn that you’re 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you’re a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn’t care about what you do as far as I’m concerned. You have humiliated me for the last time with this phone.”

He goes on to say that he plans to fly from New York to Los Angeles “for the day just to straighten you out on this issue.”

The recording was published by celebrity news site, which said that the call was placed on April 11.

Baldwin’s spokesman said in a statement Thursday that, “in the best interest of the child,” the 49-year-old actor “will do what the mother is pathologically incapable of doing … keeping his mouth shut and obeying the court order.

“The mother and her lawyer leaked this sealed material in violation of a court order,” the statement continued. “Although Alec acknowledges that he should have used different language in parenting his child, everyone who knows him privately knows what he has been put through for the past six years.”

“The voice mail speaks for itself,” Basinger’s spokeswoman said.

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Source: TMZ

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  • Bill

    Not only is Ms. Basinger the obvious cunt behind all of the problems that have driven this poor man to the edge. There can be almost no doubt that she is behind the violation of the court order and the release of the tape.

  • dan murphhy

    As a farther having gone through a contested divorse, I truly understand his frustration when dealing with a young child fed mis-information by the ex-wife. You truly feel a loss of connection with your child and are at a loss to put into perpective how to let that child know you still love him or her and that you only want what is best for that child, even though you as a parant will suffer.It seems to me that one day you are a family enjoying life together and making decisions together and then in a flash you a out of the picture and no longer allowed to be a farther, noe you are a stranger.

  • Dawn

    Hey, I think Kim Basinger must be a royal B*tch to handling this situation as immaturely as it appears. It seems that since she’s interfering with the relationship between her daughter and her father by NOT stressing to her daughter that there is an order which states that at a specified time she is to be available for a phone call from her dad. I’m sure she’s aware of the ramifications of disobeying an order made by the Court since this issue has already been brought up in the past. I’ll bet, since she’s not encouraging her daughter to maintain contact, there’s probably a bit of brainwashing going on. This can’t be good for their daughter. Maybe the custody order needs to be reversed to see if it goes better with the dad being the main caregiver. I’ll bet he obeys the Court better than the mom does. Let the shoe be on the other foot and see how frustrated she would get if the very same thing were happening to her. I think the dad’s actions were the result of built-up frustration over the mom’s repeated disobedience of the order and his feeling that no one is doing anything about any of it. Plus, he’s probably had the phone go to voicemail several times and reached the end of his rope. The Judge needs to STRESS to the mom that she needs to make sure the daughter’s phone is available for a call at the specified time. If she’s busy, she can tell her dad that she’d prefer him to call back at a different time, but she has to stick with it. The daughter needs to be made aware of the severity of the issue and the ramifications for her mother if the Court order is violated. She’s 11/12 so she is more than likely familiar with all the issues and I don’t feel she would be too “delicate” to deal with the specifics of the situation. She’s also old enough to be vocal about it, especially with the Judge.

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