Julia Roberts gives a wave


Julia Roberts out & about running errands, I was going to comment in Meghan’s post that Julia always seemed to be covering her belly in pictures, and then I came across this photo that proved I’m not crazy. She is due with her third child, rumored to be a boy in June.

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  1. Beni

    Why is it that the mag rags/online stash trash report a pregnant woman as looking good.
    But should a healthy gal who isnt an ano get slack for being such a glowing healthy example of well being??
    I dont get it. Well, I do really, and I dont really give a rats ass.
    Im just in a mood and love it when the skinny minny actors get some beef on, well, because they ate!
    I hate it when I eat and BAM, gained half a lb. Ooopsa daisy, I was livin and enjoyin and gettin some energy. I would rather eat proper foods then gulp down Diet Red Bull and tofu snacks.
    There is not ONE MAN who wants a woman who looks like a 14 year old boy. Well maybe there is, but whatever.
    Anywhooo, you may like what YOU see in the mirror, but really, it isnt pretty. Ethiopian much? Spend your mental anguish on something a wee bit more purposeful.
    Keep it up Julia, you just might make the right statement that helps change this jilted view on women. I dare ya–you CAN act cant you?

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