Hazel Moder


Hazel Patricia Moder, 2 1/2, daughter of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder, in New York City this morning with her Nanny. Hazel has a fraternal twin brother Phinnaeus Walter. Mom Julia is expecting baby #3 this summer rumored to be a boy.


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  • Lisa

    Tiffany-you could very well be right. I was going by what the photo agency said. I’ll have to see if I can find a pic of her.

  • Tiffany

    Thats not her nanny it’s julias sister!

  • brass

    That looks like her sister without make-up…

  • Anonymous

    That tender image of Hazel with her ​​aunt Julia’s sister Lisa Roberts. Of the three brothers Lisa is the most stable, quiet and reserved (at least is the least known and it dedicated to the same as their brothers, though she is best known for his role as producer of films for their acting roles that were seen doing small roles in independent film.)

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