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Need a Hot Mother’s Day Gift Idea for New Moms and Moms-to-be?

Due and Sprout Has the Answer

Are you, um, pregnant?

Do you know what you’re having?

Have you thought of a name?

Due_and_sprout_product_model_mann_2From the moment a woman conceives, the questions never stop.  Due and Sprout tanks and tees help us confront those questions – even before they are asked.  The line consists of tanks, short and long sleeve tees made from the finest, softest cotton knit.  Imagine a cozy chocolate tee with Not Finding Out in pistachio, Girl in pale pink or Yes I’m Pregnant in tangerine…

Mommies everywhere (including several A-list celebrities) are loving their Due and Sprout shirts.  The tanks are perfect for yoga, over a bathing suit, layered under a jacket; the short and long sleeve tees are a great addition to any expecting mom’s wardrobe.  The company also offers their Plain and Simple line, all styles and colors with no writing on the front, and they just launched the first Due and Sprout casual pant to go along with the tees.  It’s aptly named the T-Shirt pant, and it is as soft and comfortable its counterparts.

One of the best parts about an original Due and Sprout tee is the gift packaging.  When you purchase your tee as a gift, it comes nestled in a soft clear vinyl cube with a removable lid and silver seams. Boylscb  The cube makes a perfect storage box for the nursery or bathroom.   

So this Mother’s Day, don’t stress over finding a cool, unique gift idea for your friend, co-worker, partner, sister, whomever you have in mind.  Help her share the little details about her pregnancy on her own terms, (they even make an Ask, then Touch tee) while looking and feeling sexy and comfortable.  And for the brand new mommies out there who will literally freak out if one more person asks “when are you due?”, start dropping hints for the Just Delivered tee and put an end to the staring in the grocery store.  Postpartum is hard enough. 

$40-48. Free shipping for Mother’s Day



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