Movie Review: “Are We Done Yet?”

Untitled "Are We Done Yet?" is the sequel to the 2005 movie "Are We There Yet?" Both movies star rapper Ice Cube and Nia Long. In this movie, instead of the long car trip, the family moves to the suburbs to a "fixer-upper" house. What at first seems like a dream house turns into a nightmare! Read more in the extended post.

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The family needs more space! Nick Parsons (Ice Cube) is married with 2 stepchildren (the same kids from the first movie) and twin babies on the way. So what do they do? They move to the suburbs! The new house is a disaster. A lot of slapstick humor related to the house basically falling apart. This PG rated movie is for 8 yr. olds and up. When I saw this movie, all the kids in the theater were laughing! Adults will find the story slow and the humor a bit lame. The story all centers around the family knowing the difference between a "house" and a "home." This movie is getting bad reviews, and I agree it is no Oscar winner, but it is cute. It is your basic slapstick comedy. Nothing more, nothing less.

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