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We all know Debra Messing,38, from Will & Grace the iconic sitcom that ended last May.  She hasn’t stopped working yet, and just recently finished filming The Starter Wife in Australia, a six hour mini series.  She also has two movies due to come out; Lucky You, and Purple Violets.  She has been with her husband Daniel for 16 years, and they have a son, Roman, 3. How does she balance her career and family? In this interview with Redbook she talks about her most important job, being a mom.

So what life are your wanting to live these days? I’ve heard several different rumors-that you’re moving back to New York, that you were pregnant again…

That was the worst! One year after I gave birth, I hadn’t even lost all my baby weight.  People were like…"She’s pregnant." And I was like, "Nope-I’m just fat!" I’m not one of those girls who can lose all that weight in six weeks, and by the way, who are those people?

Was Roman with you or with his dad? (in Australia)

Roman was with me the entire time.  And the nanny was in Australia with us, too.  But Roman grew up on the set of Will & Grace.  He came to the set with me everyday so he’s used to being in that world.

So you never felt like you were missing out on the experience of being a mother?

Not one bit.  I breast-fed Roman for 14 months, took a bath with him every night, and put him to sleep.  and I was grateful for it.  I know that not all mothers have that privilege because of the hours they work.

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And how has being a mom changed you?

I feel like a different person.  To see the world through a child’s perspective, where everything is wondrous, is the miracle of children.  You get to bear witness to their discovery of the world.  And it’s an hourly thing.  Three is an amazing age, and add a boy to it! The energy is out of control.  and just when you think it might dissipate, he just pumps up the volume a little bit more.

And you also get to go to the Wiggles concerts.

We saw the Wiggles in Australia! And of course I know the word to every song.  we’re groupies.

What’s the biggest surprise for you about being a parent?

I remember the first few months after I gave birth, I was enraged that my closest friends and family did not tell me how hard it was.  I said, "Obviously, it’s a miracle and I love my child, but why didn’t you tell me how exhausted I was going to be? And how difficult the hormonal changes are?" And they all said, "If we told you the truth, you wouldn’t want to do it."

That’s why kids are so cute.

Exactly.  Otherwise you’d just hand them off to a bear in the woods!

Redbook June 2007 p.149-157

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