Nancy O’Dell Reveals Baby Name!

Nancy1Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell has revealed her baby’s name-Ashby Grace Zubchevich.

“Ashby was my grandfather’s name. I looked it up and I confirmed that it was dual gender and it means strength like the ash tree,” Nancy explained. “Grace is a family name in Keith’s family and we both said from when we first met each other that if we had a little girl we would want Grace as part of her name.”

“We figure with an ‘A’ name, she will have a chance to be first in line for some things — at least where they don’t go alphabetically by last name,” Nancy laughed.

Ashby will join two brothers, Nancy’s stepsons, Tyler, 11 and Carson, 7, from Keith’s previous marriage.

Cick Here to see the video of Nancy announcing the name.

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