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Bridget Moynahan is expecting her first baby in July, dad is ex boyfriend Tom Brady. Check out our Expecting Calendar to see when you favorite celebrities are due!

People June 4, 2007 p.16

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  • anon

    Holly, Adam and wicked are the same person. Very Juvenile!!!! to think good looking makes you a good person.

    Wait till you have your own kids, or maybe your mothers were told the same things when carrying you!!!

    Tom & Gisele staged pics yeah! look at us we are having sex together pics all over the paper!!!! They deserve each other!!

  • Be nice

    Holly… 36 is NOT old to be having a baby! How old are you… 14? I had one of my children at 36 and – believe me – I was not too old. Many of my relatives have had kids well into their 40’s. Give me pro-Bridget posters any day. In matters of such importance babies and parenting, I definitely prefer the company of grownups.

  • Be nice

    Bridget looks wonderful! She’s put on just a little weight during this pregnancy, and all in her tummy and chest – how lucky!

    It’s truly bizarre these posters who trash a lovely pregnant woman who has been forced to do this all on her own. I can’t imagine who these less-than-human posters are. Friends or fans or relatives of Gisele? Tom groupies? It is extremely cruel to say these things about any woman who is in this situation. I thought Britney Spears was a horrible person for taking someone else’s baby daddy, but I would NEVER post against her like this during her pregnancy. What could POSSIBLY be the hidden agenda of those who write these viscious comments? Clearly NOT disinterested observers. But full of meanness and immaturity.

  • Anon

    Tom has tossed his own child to the curb in order to keep the supermodel of porn happy. That is disgusting, immoral and downright inhuman. I doubt he has even seen Bridget pregnant – meanwhile showing up at every “charity” event he can with Gisele in tow to show off “look what I’m dating”! Only shallow friends and fans would be impressed. He has already failed in the daddy department. He has ignored his baby-to-be and it’s mother. Instead he has added untold stress to them both in order to please himself, Tom Brady and Tom Brady. He is a self-centered egotistical whore – who is dating a self-centered egotistial whore.

  • ST

    Bridget looks awesome and so happy. I think its great that the Anti-Tom Brady movement is causing such an uproar. You can bet the farm that if we were not posting all over the internet and sending out emails to God and everyone that the Pats and Gutless’ camp would not be scrambling to do repair. The thing is, the damage is already done. His reputation will never be the same. He has already been put into the same category as Billy Crudup and Eddie Murphy. No matter what he says it is not going to change what has happened since he broke up with Bridget. He can sugar coat is all he wants but what is done is done. The domino effect will surely catch up with him. He deserves to be miserable with Gisele for the rest of his life and that jealous controlling biatch will definitely make him miserable.

  • Kim

    What a beautiful woman. I wish her all the best. She deserves much better than the treatment she has received. I hope she really enjoys being a mom and loving all those wonderful “firsts” that come along.

  • Mac


    You must be a woman posing as a man because no real man worth anything talks about a woman the way you are. Grow up idiot.

    Bridget is a very beautiful woman and is the hottest pregnant woman I have ever seen. Good luck to you and your baby Bridget. Keep him as far away from loser Brady as you can.

  • Anon

    Tom will never be able to make up for the terrible things he has done to this woman. What a classy lady to handle this awful situation with such dignity.

  • ST

    She looks absolutely stunning. She has remained the epitome of class and grace through out the onslaught of cruelty and flaunting done by Brady and his groupies. Anyone who can talk this way about another human being let alone a pregnant woman is not human themselves. Tom does not look like he is suffering. He has moved on to the highest paid whore in the world and obviously doesn’t give one thought to the health and well being of his child. Bridget is a natural beauty unlike Gisele who had a fanny lift, nose job and breast implants. Gisele also poses nude all over the internet. Yeah, she is a real winner. Like I said, the highest paid and most sucessful whore in the world. She and Tom are perfect for each other.

    Are you 12 HOlly, woman are having babies in their late thirties all the time. Grow up please. The fact that you can support a man treats a woman so horribly shows just how immature you are. Your support for Tom is very superficial. It is all based on his looks and his sucess as a football player. Thats all we hear from Pats fans is how good looking he is and how great a football player he is and how lucky he is to be with Gisele because she is so hot???? That is all superficial crap and you know it. The man has the character and integrity of a knat.

  • Holly

    Wash you hair much. Disgusting! Lucky girl to have your baby weight all in the front, but that is what happens when you don’t eat. I hope the baby is healthy! She is kinda old to be having one. PS I love Tom and he and Gi are so hot. I am sure Bridget is having a hard time getting over him and these smiles are fake. She was never much of an actress anyway!

  • Adam

    Bridget never met a camera she didn’t love! She is a b-lister fame whore. Wonder when she will realize the paparazzi is ONLY interested in the Brady factor, NOT her. Being at Pats fan, I know Brady will do right by his baby, even though she tried the oldest trick in the book to keep him. She will never compete with Gisele, even being preggers with the golden baby!

  • Wicked

    The weight is all in her Neck, Arms and of course belly. She is a witch. Love how she is living up her moment of fame with Baby Brady. Was this all staged to get her face in the paper. She is gross!

  • Allison

    OMG! Only her treatment is cruel. Tom is the one who is suffering through her crap and trap! God Bless the baby, at least the father will be a good role model!

  • Anon

    She looks adorable. She seems to be surviving the cruel and uncaring treatment of the father Tom Brady.

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