Pax & Maddox feed the whale

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Angelina, Maddox (5) and Pax (3) feed a whale at a park in France. Angelina and Brad Pitt, also, have daughters Zahara (2) & Shiloh (1). To get Pax’s T-shirt visit our style section.

source: jjb

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  • Harper

    Instead of them feeding the whales – maybe they should consider feeding their mommy……

  • Sorry, if you click on the our name, it will take you to the Tee shirt! Ooops

  • We carry that T-shirt in our New shop, The Silly Wagon!!

  • jeannified

    SOOOOOOO Cute!!! I love looking at little Pax’s face, so full of intrigue, about what he’s doing! That picture of Maddox smiling at Angelina is just the CUTEST of him too!!! He looks like he loves being Pax’s older brother! Good for them! These pictures are PRECIOUS!!!

  • AJ

    Awwwwwwwwwww that’s sooooooooo cute!
    I just love seeing this family!

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