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HollyActress Holly Robinson Peete and retired NFL player Rodney Peete have 4 children. They have 9-year-old twins Ryan Elizabeth & Rodney Jr., 4 yr. old son Robinson, and 2-year-old son Roman. The couple has been married for 12 yrs. The marriage had to endure Rodney being "gone half the year for training & regular season play." Their son Rodney Jr. was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. Holly says that learning about the Autism was "the most devasting moment of her life." What made it more devasting was that husband Rodney & her mother resisted the diagnosis. "I knew we had to roll up our sleeves and not go into denial. With Autism, early intervention is important. We had to get those therapies going." Holly goes on to say "You really find out who your friends are. When your kid is struggling at 4, being disruptive, and he stops getting invited to parties and playdates, it hurts." Holly admits to her own period of brief denial. The experience of raising autistic child has been educational for the whole family. Holly can be seen in a new ABC pilot this fall titled Football Wives. She says the show is "good for her family values." She is excited to be getting back to work.

May 2007 Essence Magazine

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  • Dear Holly:

    I wanted to write you because I have been trying to share information for years about the link between immunizations and Autism for many years. My quest started back in the latter 80’s when my nephew was diagnosed with the condition. I took a long hard look at the other children in my family and saw that something was very wrong.

    I recently saw a show on television called The Doctors and there was a doctor who confirmed the theory. I do understand that it doesn’t affect everyone the same way, but you can’t give every one and asprin which should tell them something. Where I may be able to take an asprin, another person may bleed to death from it. It’s just like men from the Mediterranean can’t take (antibuse) I’m not sure if that is the right spelling but it is used to help alcoholics keep the habit.

    In my family there are three to four different sets of families where their boy children have Autism. They are different fathers but they are linked to my families blood line.

    I would also like to say, it’s not just the MMR that cause the condition. It’s conglomeration of all of the poison in the shots.

    I know that you are having a hard time convincing them that this is real but he truth is they already know that the shot are causing the condition. They just don’t want to be sued.

    Please write when you are able.



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