Nicole Richie Pregnant?

00020585_nicolerichie200Well known Nicole Richie has announced to close confidantes that she is pregnant!! Could this be true? Nicole has just admitted herself in rehabilitation to treat her drug abuse (Vicoden a painkiller and Soma, a muscle relaxer) and her eating disorder known as Anorexia. Nicole has now withered down to a fearful 85lbs!!! According to insider, Nicole went into rehab after a pregnancy test came back positive. This must have been some news to her current boyfriend Joel Madden. According to insider Joel stated “that if she didn’t go into rehab and get healthy for the baby’s sake, he would dump her and never look back.” Nicole is now out of rehab and continuing her therapy through outpatient visits to the Doctor. Insider also states “Nicole’s immediate goal is to stay sober and get strong, and she’s praying everything stays on an even keel with boyfriend, Joel Madden”.

National Enquirer June 11, 2007 p. 37

By News Contributor Jen C.

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  • KarenS

    Nicole Richie pregnant? what a joke….she has too many problems to have a healthy pregnancy. GET HELP!! What is she, like, 50 lbs?

  • AJ

    I hope she gets healthy

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