Angelina highlights from Marie Claire

Angelinajoliemarieclairejuly2007During the interview she had Maddox, 5, with her. In the magazine there are several pictures of him. In one he is on the couch playing with his laptop, in the other Angelina is holding him. A caption reads, “With a new brother at home, Maddox enjoy a special day out with his mother”

On pregnancy and Brad

She talks about how she loved being pregnant, and Brad found it sexy too. Everyone she knew told her it would take about 6-months to get pregnant, but for them it happened the right away.

Angie thinks Brad is a sexy dad

“It’s hot. There’s nothing sexier than a man who is a great father.” Her feelings about Brad, “He’s much more of a man, than any man I’ve ever met.”

How she feels about marriage

“We are not against it. It just doesn’t seem necessary. He & I have never discussed in detail, but I would assume-because we both went down that road before – its not that contract or that cermony that makes you feel solid. We’ve gone the back way around, and maybe there is something to that – that its hard work and the exhaustion and the children that really make you solid.”

The Kids

“She’s a smartass” [Zahara]
One day Zahara said to Angelina, “I need a cookie.” Angelina says, “You need a cookie? You don’t need a cookie”. Zahara says, “Daddy’s gonna cry.” Angelina, “Why is Daddy going to cry?””Daddy wants me to have the cookie!” Zahara replies.

As soon as she does Zahara’s hair, she takes it out. “You do her hair; She takes it out. It’s like everybody just starts to undress once you’ve gotten them dressed.”

“Pax is the wildest person in the house, Madd is the tough guy and Shiloh is walking and trying to eat everything in her path.”

The July 2007 issue of Marie Claire on newsstands Tuesday, June 12

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