Pax is wild, but 10 more siblings to come

Jolie_pitts_070531_12wtmkAngelina Jolie has been everywhere lately, talking about her new movie ‘A Might Heart’ and her life with Brad Pitt and their four kids. On Thursday, Jolie appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live, where she spoke about how wild her newley adopted son Pax, 3, (he joined Maddox, 5; Zahara, 2; and Shiloh, 1). “He’s wild. He’s beautiful and wild,” she said.

She goes on to say, “He had no freedoms for three and a half years. … He lived in the same place on the same cot along with 20 other cots and did things at the exact same time and had no chance to have an opinion himself or do – he lived a very structured life. But he’s also suddenly very free.”

Her mom, actress Marcheline Bertrand, passed away from ovarian cancer in January, suggested the name ‘Pax’. “My mom wrote a list of names when we were going to have Shiloh,” said Jolie. “One of the names that she suggested was Pax because it meant peace. [But] he’s anything but at the moment.”

Jolie also appeared on On Thursday’s Daily Show, and Jon Stewart asked her how many kids she wanted in all, she replied, “It fluctuates between seven and 13 or 14.” The audience and Jolie laughed, and Stewart said, “Wow, I’ll tell you this: I admire that, because two is kicking my ass.”

Jolie replied: “Yeah, I understand that. Four is kind of kicking our ass, but we kind of feel like, ‘Damn it, we’re up for the challenge!’ ”

If they can do it, why not? Still it must be crazy busy with four kids 5 and under-but in their situation, money helps make life easier.


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  1. liz

    i hope and pray congratulations are in order to my favorite celebrity family. i think all of us are going to be almost as excited as they are. love this wonderful family and i just love the way brad pitt phrases things. there is nothing phony about him, that;s why he is such a good dad/

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