Bruce Willis wants a son

BrucewillisBruce Willis, 52, has three daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore, but admits he would love to have a son.

To have a son, he would need to meet the right woman, he tells Britain’s Live magazine that he is still looking: “I would really love a son, or two sons, or three more girls. I just haven’t met anybody yet that I want to have kids with.

Even though Bruce is in his fifties, he feels like a young man, “But that’s the good thing about being a guy – it doesn’t matter how old you are.”
The 52-year-old actor loves being a bachelor and still feels like he is in his 20s. “I’m still that guy. I can’t believe I am 52, because in my heart I’m 25. And I do lead a pretty fun life. I get a big kick out of it.

He said: “The bachelor thing is terrific. I took a couple of shots at romance and it didn’t work out.

We’ll see, it looks like if Bruce finds the right woman, he may start join the ‘older dads’ club.

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