Scott Baio to be a dad!

Sbaio071707aScott Baio, aka Chachi, is going to be a daddy. Yes, he has a new VH1 show called Scott Baio 45… and single, but in real life he is expecting his first child with playboy playmate Renee Sloan.

They are reportedly expecting a baby girl who is rumored to be named Bonnie.


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  • Missy

    Fans have always loved (and forgiven) Scott Baio for being such a ladies’ man. His new reality show has portrayed him as being a completely arrogant, yet typical, Hollywood actor. The news of him becoming a father to a daughter may just change his attitude completely. It did to my own husband, father of two daughters who is now the most protective and loving dad in the world. Scott will STILL and forever be connected to and surrounded by women…but this time, in the greatest way imaginable. Scott Baio on his search for the “next best thing” has ended…after having a child, there is nothing better. (You’ll see!)

  • Jen

    Oh great, another celebrity who thinks it’s less of a commitment to have children than it is to get married.

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