Going to American Girl Place in NYC today!

Yesterday I took the kids, and traveled to the Jersey Shore to visit my parents and sister. Between my sister and I , we have six kids under the age of five. So it’s lots of fun getting together. Today we are taking my two girls, and my sisters daughter to American Girl Place in NYC. We are so excited, I feel like a big kid! We will be there all day, so sorry for the slow posting day!

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  1. Lisa

    We had a really great time, if anyone ever goes make reservations for lunch at the cafe, it was great-the dolls get their own high chair & tea cups. After NY, We got back to my parents at around 4p and because of a big storm were without power all night. Talk about back to basics. We were having a sleep over with all the kids. It’s funny though b/c kids don’t need much to entertain them…

  2. Rinoa

    Have a fun day! Wow, that’s a lot of kids between the two of you! Sounds like a blast. 🙂

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