Chris O’Donnell and wife expecting baby #5

ChrisodonnellChris O’Donnell and his wife Caroline Fentress are expecting baby number five!

During O’Donnell’s interview on the Today show yesterday, he was asked about his four children. “Another on the way,” he told Ann Curry.

He also said, “Yeah, we’re just starting to figure out how it works. I think I know why this is happening, but we’re really excited about it.”

Their four other children are Lily, 7, Chip, 6, Charlie, 4, and Finley, 16 months. Wow!!

Chris is on Regis & Kelly this morning so tune in if you can, I’m sure he will mention something.


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  • ivy

    nosoupforyou is right, anyone can get protection and abortions if they need them, and adoption is always free….not to mention the fact that if they can’t afford to have kids they shouldnt be having unprotected sex!!!! don’t blame the worlds problems on Chris O’Donnell, the earch isn’t overpopulated because of their 5 kids…..

  • nosoupforyou


    Health care is free for the poor under medicaid. In addition, public health departments provide birth control for FREE.

    I am a social worker, I know.

    Ivy is correct.

    Chris and his wife are not responsible for other people’s unwanted children.

    Chris and his wife take care of their own. That’s all we can ask.

  • whatever

    Ivy with money tou can afford healthcare, and BIRT CONTROL even abortion if needed! Not when you’re poor.
    Well whatever anyway!

  • ivy

    instead of criticizing someone who has millions of dollars and can afford to have that many kids, why don’t you worry about all the ghetto people on welfare having 6 or 7 kids that they can’t take care of, kids that we end up raising with our tax money?

  • Neeah

    I know children are amazing to have…I’m a mama too. But, 5 kids is just so many. Especially when there are millions of unwanted to kids in orphanages now. We have overpopulation for a reason…not enough protected sex!!

  • nosoupforyou


    Chris and his wife are good parents and they certainly can afford to care for them.

  • whatever

    its so irresponsable and selfish to have so many kids in the world were living in!does this woman knows birth control??or he couls wrap up his dick i dunno!or if you want that many kids adopt!no prefer to have their mini-mes to fit their parental egos!duh!

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