Christie Brinkley shopping with her kids

Christie Brinkley does some shopping at Kitson Kids with her son Jack, 12, dad is Richard Taubman and daughter Sailor, 9, dad is Peter Cook. Gosh, when you see her it’s hard to believe she is 53.

Brinkley has been married 4 times. Here’s the rundown: Jean-François Allaux (1973–1981), Billy Joel (1985–1994) and Richard Taubman (1994–1995). She filed for divorce from her 4th husband, Peter Cook, in the summer of 2006.

She also has a daughter Alexa Ray, 21, dad is Billy Joel.


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  1. Elisa

    Christie brinlkey is simply Beautiful !!! Her son and daughter are adorible !!!

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  3. nosoupforyou

    Jack was adopted by Peter Cook. He has had no contact with R. Taubman. Christie made some kind of monetary settlement with him to get out of their lives.

  4. Lisa Steinberg

    I’m sorry she is getting divorced, but all I want to know is where does that woman buy her jeweklry? Everything she wears is interesting. Yesterday there were photos of her at a benefit with this fabulous necklace and fantastic beaded bracelet.

    Any ideas?

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