Nicole Richie’s baby bump

Nicole Richie shows off her baby bump to Diane Sawyer. Did anyone happen to catch the interview? If so what do you think of the ‘new’ Nicole?




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  • nikkifan

    I can’t explain how happy i am for the couples…. Don’t get me wrong I love nicole but wen I first saw the interveiw and she showed that bump I thought that was her baby but its her belly button

  • Lisa

    I have no idea where you were going with your comment. Yeah, I’m old enough to be your mother, but nobody is ‘yelling.’ If you don’t care, why bother reading & commenting?

  • Hannah

    I don’t know hardly anything about the situation, and i’m curious. I feel bad for my curiousity- because it’s not my life. But i sometimes fold to temptation and get nosy. It’s not like its that hard to find type in “nicole richie’s baby” and you get a million pop ups.

    What i want to know is why Lisa is getting so high and mighty on us all.


    If you’re asking us that- why don’t you ask yourself the same question. You’re poking your nose into her business the same as other people. Why else would you be posting on this site?

    Don’t act so righteous.

    From the sound of it, you’re in you’re middle-aged. I’m 15. i can see right through all that, so before you start yelling at others- examine what you’re doing.

    None of us are perfect- including Nicole, i’m just incredibly proud of her for hanging onto the baby and not getting an abortion. She’s excepting the responsiblity. Although, i don’t know the whole story- there maybe more to it then that, so i can’t say for sure. But from what i can see, she’s being smart.

  • ivy

    who’s josh? that’s what the ‘preview’ option is for people, so you can proof-read your comments!!!

  • jlove

    Well she doesn’t have to be believable to us(the public).The onlt people he has anything to prove to is herself and her family and friends. why judge someone by their choices either bas or good..what were some of you doing at her age or younger??We ALL make mistakes and do stupid stuff,some struggle with addiction..the point is to learn from those mistakes and don’t look back. All you can do is move forward and not dwell on past mistakes. You guys act like people can’t grow or change EVER…josh the girl did make mistakes but it doen’t make her a bad person. Ask yourself this…WHY DO WE CARE WHAT SOME 25 YEAR OLD IS GOING TO DO W/ HER LIFE? I know i’m not the same person i was at age 25 and let me tell you i had my share of drinking and drugs…i’m now married with two kids and happy and the same goes for i’d say over 30 people I know. You all know people that did/DO it.(drugs, drinking) then grew up…it doesn’t work w/ adult life. Live and let live..nobody’s perfect

  • Lisa

    She’s one of those people that when she talks, you’re interested to hear what she says, but you are right – she has a way about her that isn’t believable

  • It was interesting to watch but I found some of what she had to say unbelievable…I don’t know her and never will so whose to say what she’s really going to do with her life. But, for the baby I hope she does take care of herself and the baby.

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