Angelina Jolie takes Zahara to a toy store

Actress Angelina Jolie takes daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 2 1/2, to a toy store in Chicago, Illinois. Jolie is in town filming Wanted. Here are some pictures of her on the set.

I want to know what you guys think of her. It seems people either love her, or hate her. I have to say she intrigues me. She has an odd past, but it seems she has come along way since the ‘Billy Bob’ days. When she is interviewed on TV, or in a magazine, I find myself interested in what she says. What about you?




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  • AMVP

    Yes, she is intriguing and that’s part of her charisma. Beautiful woman from hollywood who thinks…thinks big. Loves…loves big… Funny thing it seems, the more she keeps to herself, the more the press goes hungry. If she opens up a bit and sounds candid, the press puts other meanings into what she just said! I truly wish them well and that they grow old together. That would be really, really,nice.

  • poppy

    I think she’s absolutely amazing and what she is doing is wonderful.

    And TBH I think the people who think she is not the real thing as a humanitarian, and scoff at her adoptions are cynical twits. People complain about people in HW being vain and self absorbed, but when someone goes out on a limb to help people they get scoffed at!

    I do think it’s not good how skinny she is getting. She seems like such a bold strong woman, but the skinniness makes her seem so fragile.

  • I don’t particularly love her, but I do admire her. And I get tired of her portrayal as the evil witch who stole Brad from poor poor Jennifer. Happy men aren’t easy to steal.

  • whatever

    At least she doesn’t pop out babies like crazy she adopts them. It asks lots of selflessness, not everybody in Hollyweird could do it!
    And she’s certainly less annoying than people who criticize her and do nothng with their own lives ah!

  • laura

    I agree with the last two comments, I find her annoying, but her kids are cute. She is also wasting away to nothing.

  • anonymous

    I can’t stand this woman. I find her very annoying. Cute kids though. Looks like little Z had a growth spurt.

  • Faith

    I think she is a bold, fearless woman who lives each day to the fullest. I admire her.

  • Jodi P.

    i agree.. her past is quite odd. but the woman she is today is amazing.. I LOVE HER. and she is beyond beautiful.

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