Police called to protect Naomi Watts

New mom Naomi Watts is used to cameras following her wherever she goes, but things got a bit out of control when she went to Whole Foods on Monday.

There was Naomi, trying to do some shopping with more than 30 photographers trying to get a picture of her. This time the LAPD stepped in, and asked the paparrazi to leave the supermarket and the parking lot.

Naomi had to wait inside after paying, then a friend drove her car up to the front entrance and Naomi got in.

A Whole Foods employee told reporters, “The paparazzi just came from everywhere.

“It becomes a safety issue for customers, especially in the lot, which is busy enough without all those guys with cameras.”

The media is such a crazy thing-driven by our obsession with the tabloids, now there are more and more paparrazi out there, trying to get the best shot, of the top paying celebrities-meaning the ones that the photo agencies pay the most for. I always think of Princess Diana, and how bad it was even then. I love to see pictures, that’s why I do this, but there needs to be respect.

How do you guys really feel about the paparrazi?


SF Gate

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  1. jandksmummy

    I believe the paparazzi are out of control too
    but on the other hand our obsession with celebrity life feeds that kind of behaviour. Its a tough one to call because if I truly felt their privacy needed to be respected I wouldn’t flock to blogs that posted their picture.

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