Introducing Story Elias Elfman

Jenna Elfman and husband Bodhi introduce their new son Story Elias in this weeks issue of OK! Story was born on July 23rd, and has us all wondering where the name came from-Well, wonder no more, Jenna tells OK!:

“In September 2006, just before we started trying to conceive, Bodhi turned to me in bed and said, ‘How about Story Elias?’ I just loved it.”

Bodhi adds, “I just think ‘story’ is a great word. What’s better than a great story?”

Check out JW’s Story


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  • laura donnelly

    He is a really cute baby!!

  • Miley

    awwwww he is sooo cuuuuute!!!

  • liz

    what a cute little baby. he is lucky to have such a pretty mom with a personality that makes you want to watch whatever shows she is on. very nice family God bless.

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