Angelina Jolie & Shiloh at the Central Park Zoo today

Angelina Jolie visited the Children’s Petting Zoo in Central Park with her children, Maddox, 6, Pax, 3, Zahara, 2 1/2 and Shiloh, 1. Angelina seemed to be having a great time with the kids, and even helps Shiloh feed the goats. Shiloh looks a lot like her daddy Brad Pitt.




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  1. suebee

    All the Jolie-Pitt children are beautiful, especially Zahara. And, her wonderful, loving parents have made sure she already knows it – an important first step toward insuring you haters will never be able to destroy this African Queen.

  2. Winnie

    If you think Shiloh has a head like a bowling ball, what about Zahara? That girl has kneecaps that look like grapefruits……the really big kind like Texas Ruby Grapefruit. Her head too, is awfully large with her receding hairline, it looks like a big square.

    Why do people want to pinch the cheeks of children? I had chubby cheeks when I was little, and women were always pinching my cheeks………IT HURT! When someone says that they want to pich Shiloh’s cheeeks, it reminds me that they would be hurting her.

    Those of you who want to pinch her cheeks, are you in favor of child abuse? Because that’s what it amounts to ALYX.

  3. Sid

    My God you guys must be seriously twisted in the head or something !!!
    Shiloh is VERY average lookin chubby baby…There’s NOTHING extraordinary about her !!
    She is cute BUT just as cute as countless other blonde babies out there !!
    Geez….talk about celebrity worshipping !!!

  4. Ok, Yes she is the child of Brad & Angelina, and that does not make her beautiful, but she is. Her features are very pretty, and I’m sure she will grow up to be strikingly beautiful like Angelina. I think there is crowd control at the Zoo, we just don’t see it. New York or not, people still want a glimpse of this family. I tried to find the video of when Angelina took Mad to Borders but I couldn’t, it was like the President was in town-major police and barricades it was crazy, and that was NY. Already the family is off on another adventure. I just don’t get that they never stay in one place for long, the kids should be making friends and have stability as far as school, and home life goes.

  5. val

    I honestly think that this baby is not gorgeous. I know her parents are Brad and Angelina; but she’s nothing special at all! She looks like any normal baby… Are you guys out of your mind????

  6. KAT


  7. She is an incredibly gorgeous child … you just can’t take your eyes off of her.

    Oh yeah, regular New Yorkers think they are just as important as celebrities (and rightly so) therefore most don’t bother the famous when they’re out and about. That’s why they love New York!

  8. Allison

    That child is heaven. If she were mine, I would get no sleep I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at her, even when she is asleep! The genetics between Brad and Ange are incredible, it will be interesting to see if they have another biological and if its a boy what he will look like. How can they not??!!! Sigh.

  9. Posted by: anon | August 31, 2007 at 04:44 PM


    You are seriously obsessed. This is the third gossip blog i’ve caught you in gushing about Jolie. Please stay over at Just Jared. That’s what the loonies belong.


  10. ANGIE

    i thought shiloh was prettier.
    she loocks a lot like brat

  11. Valerie

    Say what you want about Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, but my goodness…this child is GORGEOUS!!!

  12. Really the cutest baby ever…such a sweet combination-although she resembles Angelina’s dad Jon Voight to me

  13. AW!

    Shiloh and Angie are gorgeous. The whole family is nice looking, too. (I’m jealous!)

  14. Minnie

    In the third pic where Shiloh is looking down, she looks exactly like Angelina. Very cute baby. 🙂

  15. Boo Bear

    it’s new york. we see celebrities all the time.

  16. TC

    Yeah, red shirt is part of the entourage. Maybe Angelina didn’t like the way he was holding Zahara?

  17. Ha – Angelina seems a bit weary of the guy in the red shirt. I would too. He’s a bit close for comfort – unless he’s part of the entourage..

  18. ALYX

    Shiloh is soooooo cute!
    I would love to pinch her chubby cheeks….
    Yes, I see more of Brad Pitt in her features but those lips are definitely Angelina’s!

  19. ALYX

    Shiloh is soooooo cute!
    I would love to pinch her chubby cheeks….
    Yes, I see more of Brad Pitt in her features but those lips are definitely Angelina’s!

  20. ivy

    i dont understand how the people around her just go about their business like its nothing special…dont they see her?? i know we should be polite and give celebrities their space, but come on!

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