Bruce Willis & Tallulah get Starbucks

Bruce Willis and his youngest daughter Tallulah Belle, 13, get some Starbucks together. Mom is Bruce’s ex Demi Moore, they have two other daughters, Rumer, 18, and Scout, 16.




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  • suze

    Yup-none of the girls are attractive at all

  • I totally had that Coach flap over purse in the 80’s

  • Kieryan

    I totally agree…none of the girls are pretty.

  • Anne

    Unfortunately, all the girls take after Bruce and none of them are attractive. This is my opinion.

  • laura

    I was thinking the same thing. That purse was definately one from the past.

  • Jen

    WOW. I haven’t seen that purse/shoes combo since 1987.

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