Dayna Devon post tummy tuck

Extra cohost Dayna Devon had some belly flab that she couldn’t get off no matter how hard she tried. She gave birth to her two children-Emmi, 2, and Cole, 8 months, back to back, and despite exercising , she could not get rid of her stomach.

"I did a zillion crunches, ran, lifted weights. I got the baby weight off-but I couldn’t get rid of the stomach! It really bothered me."

Dayna, 37, turned to her husband, plastic surgeon, Brent Moelleken for a tummy tuck. The procedure took two hours, and 10- days to heal.

How does Dayna like her stomach now? "I have a waist now! I like it even better than I though I would."


I am not an advocate of plastic surgery, I think it sends the wrong message, especially in Dayna’s case. She is a beautiful woman, and at 5’4" 130lbs she is a petite little thing. I think if she gave it time, her stomach would have tightened up. Her son Cole is only 8 months old. Ok, just my two cents.

Click below to see before & after pictures


She almost looks the same right?

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  • Lisa

    you’re right, there is a lot behind each story…are you comfortable now?

  • mommyof3

    It occurs to me that I didn’t mention that a tummy tuck doesn’t necessarily remove stretch marks either…so it isn’t all about vanity. I still have 1/2 the stretch marks I had before my tummy tuck (they used to cover my ENTIRE belly), and I have a completely new belly button (the surgeon couldn’t save the old one). Now the stretch marks are only between my belly button and above the 16-inch incision (revised from the former 8-inch C-section scar). I’ll never wear a two-piece again, but that’s ok. I knew I needed to do something about the bulging stomach when I found myself putting my arm across my belly whenever I had to lift my kids – to keep it from being so uncomfortable and when my I noticed others who had had more recent C-sections weren’t having any difficulty bouncing back and here I was 11 months out from having my babies.
    Sorry for rambling, but you see – there is a lot behind each story.

  • Lisa

    You’re right mommyof3, everyone is dealing with something different. Didn’t mean to offend:-)

  • mommyof3

    After my pregnancy with twins in 2005 (who weighed a combined 14 lbs), I had a “pooch”. I did all the exercises given, and it never got better. In fact, I felt worse. I finally consulted with a Plastic surgeon and found that I had a severe diastasis. I had a tummy tuck and excision of the excess skin (which isn’t why I saw the surgeon in the first place) but let me tell you – I feel the best I’ve felt in about 5 years (since before I had my first child in 2002). I got a lot of grief from family and friends who couldn’t understand why I needed plastic surgery. They thought I was fine since I was able to continue my job and care of my three children. I put up a very good front, when I truly felt like CRAP. The surgeon said I had the weakest stomach wall he’d even seen and no fat to speak of. I wish I could attach a picture here to show you how bulged out my tummy was (I’m 5’9″, 135 lbs). I will never criticize anyone for having plastic surgery – you really don’t know underneath it all what a person is dealing with. For me it wasn’t about getting skinny – it was about being healthy. Don’t be so quick to criticize every person who has plastic surgery.

  • Rinoa

    I am all for plastic surgery when it’s “necessary” (although I hate to use that word because ideally we would all be happy with our bodies and faces) but it has only been eight months since she gave birth and her stomach didn’t look bad at all. In that before picture, she’s pulling on all of her skin which makes it look worse than it is. But it is, after all, her choice so I support that. I personally wouldn’t have done it that soon after having a child but I would consider it after a more considerable amount of time had passed.

  • Lisa

    No…not jealous, I run this site and have a very open mind, and pretty much keep my opinion to myself, but plastic surgery-when it’s not necessary, especially on someone like Dayna Devon is wrong. She is beautiful, and clearly did it b/c of the pressures of looking thin in Hollywood, and the fact that her husband happens to be a plastic surgeon.

  • Jen

    Yes Diane, you nailed it. I’m jealous of a size 0 woman who thinks she’s fat and whose daughter seems terrified of her. Oh how I wish that was me.

  • diane

    OK, I think that the above comments are from ladies that are just jealous that they don’t have a husband that is a plastic surgeon (including me)!!! I think that if it bothers her that much, then go for it!!! I have 3 1/2 yr. twin boyz and a 16-month old boy and I am planning to have a tummy tuck and a breast lift before my 40th b-day. I have been going to the gym, but unfortunately I was not blessed with a body that bounced back after pregnancy. I want to feel good about myself instead of just dreaming about it and being miserable. Maybe you should do the same?????? Life is way too short!!!!

  • Lisa

    Jen-I am so glad there is someone else out there that thinks it’s Vanity at its worst! Well said!

  • Jen

    I’m going to send her a picture of my baby flab so she can see what baby flab REALLY looks like.

    Give me a break! Vanity at it’s worst. I know she makes a living by being on tv, but, seriously, she probably just wants to fit in clothes that are technically way too small for her. She strikes me as one of those moms who thinks it’s still all about her. Those kids are there posing with parents who probably don’t even raise them. They’re looking off-camera at the nannies wondering who these people are who are holding them.

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