Sheryl Crow & Wyatt at the airport

Singer/mom Sheryl Crow is all smiles as she makes her way through the airport in Toronto with her son Wyatt Steven, 4-months. Sheryl adopted Wyatt in May 2007.




Jessicabluelattefront_zoom_8Sheryl is carrying her Blue Latte Jessica Messange Bumblebag. That bag is so cute! Naomi Watts has one too!


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  • Lisa

    Kayla-I found out what diaper bag she uses, see post.

  • Kayla

    She looks so happy. What diaper bag is she carrying?

  • Lula

    Yeah, Sheryl’s in looooooooooooooove. I can picture her with 3 or 4 kids around her.

  • jend0225

    He is one beautiful baby boy! Sheryl is so in love with him! (I would be, too!)

  • Juanita

    Good to see Sheryl so happy.

  • Irish

    Eyes wide open, as always.

  • Chacha

    Wyatt Crow is so cute.
    That little boy must have a lot of frequent flyer miles by now. He’s always with mommy wherever she goes!

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