Paris Hilton announces Christina Aguilera’s pregnancy

Christina_aguilera180Well the cat is finally out of the bag thanks to Paris Hilton, who got up on stage at a crowded Las Vegas nightclub and made a special announcement to Aguilera who was the hostess with the mostess at LAX Nightclub.

“Congratulations to the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world. You’re gorgeous.”

Apparently friends were shocked and Christina sunk her head into husband Jordan Bratman’s shoulder. The ice was broken when the couple laughed, and the crowd started to applaud.

So there you have it, leave it to Paris to confirm the news. Xtina’s rep declined to comment on the pregnancy.


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  • poppy

    I’m probably being far-fetched, but I wonder if that was a dig at nicole?

  • Jen

    Too funny. Well, it is quite obvious now anyway. It’s not like she’s still got a flat little tummy. I really respect CA for not making a big deal of the pregnancy and trying to go about life as usual. I bet she’ll be a great hands-on mom.

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