Ruby Sweetheart Maguire learning to walk

Ruby Sweetheart Maguire, 11 months, practices walking outside her home in LA with dad Tobey Maguire and her nanny? Tobey and Ruby’s mom Jennifer Meyer were just married in Hawaii on September 3.




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  • DropThePilot

    Tobey’s such a loving father!! Ruby’s definitely going to be a dad’s girl.

  • Evel Girl

    That’s not Jen (Ruby’s mom and Tobey’s wife.) It’s a nanny.

  • Diana

    She’s a beautiful little girl!

  • I think she is adorable. She looks very smart and aware.

  • What? A totally cute post about a little one learning to walk and the only comments are discussing the baby’s looks? AND the momma’s? Seriously, people. You aren’t helping.

  • Suze

    Yeah..she really looks just like her

  • Look at her mommy

  • ivy

    im glad you said it first. i think her head’s way too big for her body, right? especially the forehead area….maybe she has an extra large brain and will be really smart.

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