Tin Visnjic out for a stroll

Actor Goran Visnjic and his wife, Ivana, take their 4 1/2 month son Tin, for a walk in LA yesterday.

You might know Goran from his role as Dr. Luka Kovac, on ER.




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  • Tanja

    It is nice to see when someone give safety to adopted childe,but…there is one big but…Goran Visnjic escape and run away from his biological little daughter in Croatia and he proof that this week when he didn’t came on court on 26.09.2007.
    How long he will run away from confront with little girl,he will show how less of respect he desirve.
    I whish him luck with son,but life of his daughter he will make so much mess because he escape to finish all scandal what happened in their lifes.

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