Pregnant Jill Hennessy With Son Marco

A pregnant Jill Hennessy, husband Paolo Mastropietro, their son Marco, 3 1/2. and possibly grandma, take a stroll in the West Village.

Marco is among the many long-haired boys of celebrities, that could pass as girls. Joining him are Elle Macpherson’s son Aurelius, Presley Gerber, and Celine Dion’s son Rene, to name a few. What do you think of this trend? It doesn’t bother me that much, but I know kids can be mean, you know these boys are teased the older boys like Rene, and Presley are most likely teased.



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  • Yvonne

    Marco is a handsome litle guy who looks an awful like his Mom. The long hair works on him. he is a definite cutie.

  • rubygirl214

    That’s Paolo’s mother with her. marco is adorable!!

  • JL

    Umm hello surfers/skaters? They’re probably the coolest kids in school because their mothers are NOT gender-obsessed and realize the hip factor.

  • mel

    i absolutely love when boys have long hair! its adorable..and i love it on ryder robinson kates son

  • Darlene

    PLEASE, women, stop doing this to your sons! It’s not fashionable, it’s not cute, it just makes you appear too lazy to get your kid’s hair cut. When they’re older and they want to let it grow, so be it. It just looks ridiculous at their age. Sorry, but you asked my opinion and there it is.

  • suze

    lauren, what’s the matter? what does your son have long hair?

    I think its fine if the kid is fine with it

  • ivy

    wow lauren, PMS? anyway, i think it looks horrible and i would bet $1000 they are teased, but as long as the parents ask the kid what he wants and he doesn’t want to cut it then its fine. im sure it helps build independence or self-esteem or one of those good things….

  • Lisa

    We don’t *know* that is just my opinion take it or leave it.

    I re-worded it a bit-but like I said, kids are mean..they do tease each other, it’s part of growing up.
    thank shoeaddict

  • Hey! Be nice to Lisa!!! Anyway, I think it works for some little boys. I like it on Presley Gerber but, not on Rider Robertson.

  • Lauren

    Why do we *know* these boys are teased for their long hair? Because you’re a close-minded, gender obsessed freak?

  • Rinoa

    I like the look on older guys but when they’re kids, I tend to prefer a little shorter hair. Still cute though.

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