Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Kids

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s kids from L to R, Christina, 16, Katherine, 18, and Patrick, 14, enjoyed a night out at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party. Brother Christopher, 10, was not pictured.

Their mom and Arnold’s wife is television journalist Maria Shriver, niece of the past President of the United States John F. Kennedy.



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  • Maura

    That’s Katherine on the left (who won’t be 18 until December) and then Christina and Patrick.

  • BBB

    the girls are kinda fat. just sayin. they are plain jane in the face looking. nothing special, next!!

  • dsol

    Oh there both hot

  • Anonymous

    There’s a difference between fat and voluptuous!
    They are both Gorgeous Girls

  • Anonymous

    ok “fat” people can be pretty too so stfu

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