David Duchovny & His Kids

David Duchovny is out with his two children, Kyd Miller, 4, and Madelaine West, 8, [David is holding her hand] I just read that David and his wife Tea Leoni call the kids by their middle names. Do any of you call your kids by their middle names?

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  • mexpat

    My husband’s family is German and has a tradition of naming the first son Hans, so his family calls him Chris since that’s his middle name (to distinguish him from his dad and granddad). We plan to continue the tradition and are focusing on middle names as the most important for us.

  • Ja-j

    My daughters name is Justine Mollie and my mom calls her Mollie because she doesn’t like the name Justine very much. I usually call her JM or J for short, but to each their own I guess.

  • ivy

    my husbands name is david john and his whole family calls him johnny. and his sister is laura brandy but they call her brandy. it drives me nuts too. i can kinda see using both, because maybe you really like both, but that would get confusing too. that’s really cute what you did melanie, i’ve always loved sailor.

  • melanie

    i think it is totally fine..my daughter’s name is Sailor Paige and her nickname is Saige. Its not that big of a deal that the person above me is making it lol!!

  • I think that is so CRAZY! I don’t understand it at all. If you want to “call” your kid something, NAME him/her that.

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